2022 Environmental Program Grants

Environmental Advocates of New York $15,000
Albany, NY 12210
One-time grant to support the initiative: The decommissioning of retail fuel dispensing facilities (gas stations). To prevent thousands of abandoned gas stations from becoming toxic sites and neighborhood blight, EANY proposes to develop a methodology to proactively address this issue, initially in NYS, and then share its model nationally.
(Final payment of a $40.0 grant.)

Horticultural Society of New York $15,000
New York, NY 10018
One-time grant to support The Pollinator Port Project. This grant will help the Hort answer the question: how can a city grid (streets, plazas, tree pits, etc.) be simply, and cost-effectively made to contribute meaningfully to the health of pollinators (bees, etc.)? Once answered on the ground in New York City, the how-to-do-it guidance will be shared nationally.
(Second payment of a $50.0 grant.)

Resource Renewal Institute $15,000
Fairfax, CA 94930
One-time grant to support the Fish in the Fields Project. The overarching goal of the grant is to produce an action plan that: adapts and scales its pilot Fish in the Fields project across California; expands and adapts it to Arkansas, and in so doing, develops a template for bringing the model to the Mississippi Delta and Gulf Coast which reduces methane emissions from rice farming by raising fish in flooded fields after the rice harvest.
(Second payment of a $65.0 grant.)

Scenic America $30,000
Washington, DC 20005
One-time grant to support the project entitled: Undergrounding of Utility Wires: Cutting-Edge Wildlife and Environmental Protection designed to demonstrate the affordability of undergrounding utility wires. To combat the ecological, economic, and human damage caused by overhead wires, Scenic America is developing technical standards to help communities reduce the cost of undergrounding wires. Scenic America will launch a multi-year outreach plan to ensure the widespread adoption of these standards.
(Final payment of a $60.0 grant.)

Sustainability Matters $25,000
Edinburg, VA 22824
One time grant to support its innovative project, Making Trash Bloom. Toxic sites, landfills, will be converted into pollinator and wildlife habitat by turning them into native meadows. This grant will: refine their demonstration model, pilot it at a variety of other sites across Virginia, turn it into a sharable and scalable national model, and form agreements with partners in 3-5 additional geographies to bring the Make Trash Bloom model to their regions.
(Second payment of an $80.0 grant.)