2019 Environmental Grants

Grants Paid During 2019
Including Grants Approved in Prior Years

Energy Action Network $25,000
Montpelier, VT

One-time grant to make the 2.0 version of the Energy Action Network’s comprehensive energy dashboard (a tool for measuring sources of local greenhouse gas emissions) compatible for use across the country and to provide training and technical assistance to states and communities adopting the platform.
(First payment of a $70.0 grant)

Natural Areas Conservancy $5,000
New York, NY

A one-time grant to finalize the development of the Conservancy’s model management framework for NYC’s urban forests, document the process, and make it nationally available as a replicable model for other cities to use to better manage their urban forests. A web-based tool will be developed to share the model with local and national partners. Additionally, the Conservancy will initiate a national coalition of local land managers, community leaders and others involved in conserving urban forests, to compare and share data and best practices.
(Final payment of a $50.0 grant)

Rising Tides $25,000
(Fiscal Sponsor: The Arctic Institute)
Washington, DC

Seed funding to take Rising Tides from a successful limited demonstration project to a national nonprofit connecting communities facing climate change challenges with volunteers providing them the professional services they need.
(First payment of a $60.0 grant)

Shelburne Farms $10,000
Shelburne, VT

One-time grant to this internationally recognized leader in environmental sustainability, land conservation,and environmental education, to nationally scale its Farm to School Institute, a proven model to nurture and support Farm to School programs,and start the rollout of the Institute Model in the northeast and southeast.
(Final payment of a $65.0 grant)

Upstream $35,000
Damariscota, ME

One-time grant to support the initiative “Throw-Away-Free: Re-norming from Single-Use to Reuse,” a campaign aimed at changing behavior around the packaging and serving of food and drink.
(First payment of a $65.0 grant)

Waterkeeper Alliance $25,000
New York, NY

One-time grant to launch the Waterkeeper Alliance’s Drone Monitoring Program to improve water protection by empowering local Waterkeeper organizations around the country to use drone technology.
(First payment of a $75.0 grant)

Wild Heritage $40,000
(Fiscal sponsor: Earth Island Institute)
Berkeley, CA

Seed funding to launch and build the capacity of Wild Heritage to advance the protection of old growth forests.
(First payment of a $75.0) grant)

Xerces Society $25,000
Portland, OR

One-time grant to support: “Protecting the Life that Sustains Us: An Approach in Urban and Suburban Areas,” a national initiative to bring to suburban and urban areas the knowledge and tools needed to protect and support pollinators (bees, butterflies, etc) and other beneficial insects.
(Final payment of a $75.0 grant)