2014 Environmental Program Grants

Grants Paid in 2014
Including Payments for Grants Awarded in Prior Years

Brown University $300,000
Providence, RI
To support green and sustainable initiatives campus-wide, including the new athletics quadrangle, in association with the naming of the new green quadrangle located in front of the new Fitness Center and Aquatics Center in recognition of H. Anthony Ittleson’s 50+ years of support for Brown.
(Final payment of a $1,500,000 grant)

CERES $20,000
Boston, MA
To support the project “Reducing Agricultural Impacts on U.S. Water Resources” using investor leverage and company engagement to lead major food and beverage companies to purchase crops grown with more sustainable water management practices.
(Final payment of a $60,000 grant)

Center for Watershed Protection $15,000
Ellicott City, MD
To support the “Safe Waters, Healthy Waters” initiative to give communities the information and tools they need to dramatically reduce water pollution from sewage, particularly addressing the 50-70% of bacteria in streams and rivers from dry weather sewage discharge.
(Second payment of a $65,000 grant)

GreenFaith $20,000
Highland Park, NY
To support the Energy Stewardship Initiative of the Seminary Environmental Certification Program. Through the initiative, theological seminaries nationally will implement energy efficiency and conservation measures and equip their students to reduce the carbon footprint of the nation’s 370,000 religious facilities and also of those Americans who regularly attend religious services.
(Second payment of a $60,000 grant)

Institute for Local Self-Reliance $20,000
Washington, DC
To launch and nationally replicate the Advanced and Master Composter train-the-trainer component of the “Composting for Community” project.
(Second payment of a $60,000 grant)

Trust for Public Land $10,000
New York, NY
To support the “Green Infrastructure Program for US Cities” to advance the use of green infrastructure projects in US cities as the preferred way to address excess runoff which triggers the discharge of raw sewage and storm water into rivers, harbors and coast areas.
(Second payment of a $55,000 grant)