2008 Environmental Program Grants

Grants Paid During 2008
Including Payments for Grants Approved in Prior Years

Antioch University New England $20,000
Keene, New Hampshire

To advance the emerging field of Conservation Psychology which uses the insights of the social sciences particularly psychology, to better understand how people think, feel, and act in relation to the natural world, to inspire people to value the natural world, and their role in it and to encourage people to act in more sustainable ways.
(Second Payment of a $70,000 grant)

Cornell University Cooperative Extension $40,000
New York, NY

One-time grant for the “Participatory Development of an Urban Forestry Community Engagement Model” involving the public in the planning planting and stewardship of urban forestry efforts.
(First payment of a $75,000 grant)

Great Plains Restoration Council $10,000
Fort Worth, Texas

To refine, expand, and begin the national dissemination of its model Youth Inter-ACTION program. Rare, and likely unique, this program marries social work and personal health components with environmental education and action projects. Targeted to help marginalized urban minority and reservation-based Native American youth impacted by poverty, AIDS, and mental health issues, the program helps them personally heal as they work on healing the environment. The model uses mentors, workshops, special training, and hands-on experiences to address personal health, as well as environmental issues. In year one, the existing program in Fort Worth and Wounded Knee will fine-tune the developing curriculum. In year two, the program will be expanded to Denver.
(Final payment of a $90,000 grant)

Oceana $16,000
Washington, DC

To support the Recreational fishing Campaign to reduce the bycatch of big game fish, often keystone species such as swordfish, tuna and shark, by the commercial fishing industry.
(Second Payment of a $60,000 grant)

River Network $40,000
Portland, OR

To initiate their “Saving Energy by Saving Water,” project to establish a new model for water resource management in the United States by demonstrating the considerable energy savings achievable through the adoption of proven water conservation and efficiency measures.
(Final Payment of a $80,000 grant)

Trust for Public Land $30,000
San Francisco, CA

Funding for the Center for City Park Excellence to determine “How Can Parks Best Promote Mental Health and Physical Activity?”
(Final Payment of a $70,000 grant)