2022 Mental Health Grants

Grants Paid in 2022
Including Grants Approved in Prior Years

Alongside Network $30,000
Minneapolis, MN
One-time grant to support the refinement and expansion of their Alongside Wellbeing model which provides mental health support to families who have a child who has experienced a traumatic pediatric medical intervention (e.g. life-threatening illness, injury, or painful medical procedure).
(First payment of a $65.0 grant)

Comedy4Kids! $30,000
Fiscal Agent: Southampton Cultural Center
Southampton, NY 11969
One-time grant to support Comedy4Kids!, a project exploring and developing the use of comedy to enhance the social and emotional learning of young people. Funds will be used to refine the model; replicate a refined model in 2-3 different states; identify partners for nationally rolling out their model and, in partnerships, develop a system to bring the program to schools and community centers.
(First payment of a $75.0 grant)

Hesperian Health Guides $35,000
Berkeley, CA 94609
One-time grant to develop and disseminate a Mental Health Promotion Guide for Community Health Workers (CHW). The Mental Health Promotion Guide, an accessible and practical informational resource, will provide CHW’s with basic mental health proficiencies and the knowledge they need to support communities and individuals experiencing trauma, anxiety, and depression.
(First payment of a $65.0 grant)

MindSite News $35,000
Fiscal Agent: San Francisco Study Center
San Francisco, CA 94103
One-time grant to build the capacity of MindSite News, the nation’s new and only digital news site dedicated to reporting on mental health.
(First Payment of a $50.0 grant)

Sound Mind Live $15,000
Brooklyn, NY
One-time grant to launch the Artist Ambassador Crisis response to address the mental health crisis that has emerged among youth as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
(Final payment of a $45.0 grant)