2021 Mental Health Grants

Grants Paid in 2021
Including Grants Approved in Prior Years

Alia $20,000
St. Paul, MN
One-time grant to create Bright Spots, a digital home for emerging family-centered innovations and best practices in reinventing child welfare.
(Final payment of a $40.0 grant)

Confess Project $25,000
Washington, DC
One-time grant to support the national expansion of the Confess project to train barbers to become mental health advocates who can understand and notice signs of an emotionally unwell client and provide them access to resources, referrals and treatment.
(Final payment of a $50.0 grant)

Sound Mind Live $15,000
Brooklyn, NY
One-time grant to launch the Artist Ambassador Crisis response to address the mental health crisis that has emerged among youth as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
(Second payment of a $45.0 grant)