2017 Mental Health Program Grants

Grants paid during 2017
Including payment for Grants Awarded in Prior Years

The Dinner Party $25,000
Fiscal Agent: Community Partners
Los Angeles, CA
The Dinner Party, with Community Partners as its fiscal agent, seeks to disseminate and sustain its innovative model particularly focused on helping millennials deal with grief and loss. Having successfully piloted its program in an organic manner, it now hopes to evolve from a startup organization to a formal national organization with the capacity and structure needed to spread its model across the nation.
(Second payment of a $65.0 grant)

FuelEd $20,000
Houston, TX
FuelEd is a Houston-based organization seeking to take national its pilot work of developing the social and emotional competencies of educators so they can build the strong relationships with their K-12 students that are now regarded as essential for improving students’ mental health outcomes
(Second payment of a $70.0 grant)

The Icarus Project $25,000
Fiscal Agent: FJC
New York, NY
Through the Community Health Initiative, Icarus will pivot the delivery system for their mental health services and support from depending on resource-intensive local peer groups to utilizing peer-led online and in-person workshops targeted to underserved populations and to the mental health professionals and nonprofits who serve them.
(Second payment of a $75.0 grant)