2013 Mental Health Program Grants

Grants Paid During 2013
Including Payments for Grants Awarded in Prior Years


Carson J. Spencer Foundation $20,000
Denver, CO
One-time grant to establish a national presence for its FIRE Within Program. Targeted to high school students, FIRE Within is a year-long highly interactive curriculum which teaches students hands-on business skills, entrepreneurship, leadership and suicide prevention, all of which is then applied to advancing suicide prevention awareness in school and community.
(Second payment of a $80,000 grant)


City Health Works! $30,000
New York, NY
City Health Works! is an organization dedicated to advancing the use of the role of community health workers in the United States by creating a low-cost and high-performing operational model for the delivery of evidence-based interventions by peer coaches (community health workers). Our grant will provide start-up funds, build the organization’s internal capacity and successfully raise funds to support its launch.
(Second  payment of a $90,000 grant)