2012 Mental Health Program Grants

Grants Paid During 2012
Including Payments for Grants Awarded in Prior Years

Carson J. Spencer Foundation $50,000
Denver, CO
One-time grant to establish a national presence for its FIRE Within Program. Targeted to high school students, FIRE Within is a year-long highly interactive curriculum which teaches students hands-on business skills, entrepreneurship, leadership and suicide prevention, all of which is then applied to advancing suicide prevention awareness in school and community.
(First payment of a $80,000 grant)

Center for Collegiate Mental Health $5,000
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA
One-time grant for the Center for Collegiate Mental Health, housed and operated under the
sponsorship of Penn State University, to expand its infrastructure and capacity and develop a sustainable business plan in order to become a full-fledged nonprofit capable of continually improving collegiate mental health.
(Final payment of a $70,000 grant)

City Health Works! $40,000
New York, NY
City Health Works! is an organization dedicated to advancing the use of the role of community health workers in the United States by creating a low-cost and high-performing operational model for the delivery of evidence-based interventions by peer coaches (community health workers). Our grant will provide start-up funds, build the organization’s internal capacity and successfully raise funds to support its launch.
(First payment of a $90,000 grant)

Darkness to Light $20,000
Charleston, SC
One-time grant to launch, in partnership with Stop It Now! a national movement against child sexual abuse. Leadership will be provided to advance child abuse prevention through national policy mandates and funding. A model for the cooperative development and distribution of prevention programs will be provided and additional resources for movement building will be leveraged.
(Final payment of a $85,000 grant)

Partners Healing Children after Trauma $20,000
St. John’s University
New York, NY
One-time grant for Project CONNECT (Community Networks Negotiating Evaluations and Counseling for Trauma) to link mental health practitioners and local libraries to provide youth with mental health assessments and therapy delivered at local branch libraries.
(Final payment of a $80,000 grant)