How to Apply

Application Guidelines:

To apply, send a brief letter to the Executive Director describing the organization and the work for which funds are being sought, along with a budget and evidence of tax-exempt status. If the activity falls within the current scope of the Foundation’s interests, the applicant will be asked to supply additional information as required.

The Foundation annually alternates its new grantmaking between its Mental Health, AIDS and Environmental program areas. In 2024, the Foundation will be making new grants in the AIDS and Mental Health program area. Grants will be made at the Fall meeting. Initial letters of inquiry must be received before September 1, 2024.

Should we decline to support a proposal, we ask applicants to wait at least one year before reapplying for any purpose.

Please note that the Foundation does not generally provide funds for:

  • capital building projects
  • endowments
  • grants to individuals
  • scholarships or internships (except as part of a program)
  • direct service programs, especially when outside New York City
  • projects that are local in focus and unlikely to be replicated
  • continuing or general support
  • projects and organizations that are international in scope or purpose
  • biomedical research