2016 AIDS Program Grants

Grants Paid During 2016
Including Grants Approved in Prior Years

National Working Positive Coalition $45,000
Fiscal Agent: AIDS Connecticut
Astoria, NY 11105
The National Working Positive Coalition (whose fiduciary agent is AIDS Connecticut) seeks to refine, implement and disseminate a systems-change model linking historically unconnected HIV care and prevention service providers to vocational workforce development and related programs at the state and local level to increase employment for people living with HIV.
(First payment of a $70.0 grant)

SERO $10,000
Milford, PA
One time grant to SERO, a national network of people with HIV, to support the launch of its Network Empowerment Project (NEP), a US-based project that aims to re-invigorate the persons living with HIV self-empowerment movement to reduce stigma and improve quality of life and health outcomes, particularly mental health, for people with HIV (PWHA).
(Final payment of a $70.0 grant)