2007 AIDS Program Grants



Grants Paid During 2007
Including Payments for Grants Approved in Prior Years

AIDS Alliance for Children Youth and Family $30,000
Washington, DC

To transform the National Consumer Leadership Corps Training Program into one that can be replicated by local AIDS organizations around the nation. Currently the program trains 45-55 women and youth in Washington, DC who then return to their communities around the country to provide HIV prevention, education and treatment information through local workshops and other outreach to women and youth. This grant will adapt the model so local organizations can use it to provide such training to women and youth in their communities. This will exponentially grow the number of trained individuals reaching out to these high-risk and underserved populations. In year one, the Alliance will adapt its model including developing a replication guide and modifying the curriculum. The replication will be piloted in DC. Learning from that experience, the Alliance will partner with two locations, one rural and the other urban.
(Second payment of an $85,000 grant)

Common Impact $25,000
New York, NY

To begin the national replication of Common Impact’s highly leveraged model of capacity building for AIDS, Mental Health, and other non-profit organizations. In particular, Common Impact addresses the information technology (IT), marketing, and human resources needs of such organizations by first helping them identify these needs and then recruiting a custom selected team of corporate volunteers to help them, usually over the course of six months, implement the plan to meet them. Highly successful in Boston, Common Impact will grow nationally to meet the need for services across the country.
(Second payment of an $80,000 grant)

Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project $10,000
New York, NY

For support of CHAMP’s (Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project) Prevention Justice Partnership to amplify the voices of a new generation of underserved and at-risk populations in the debates and decisions on HIV/AIDS prevention policies that affect their lives. The Prevention Justice Partnership will pilot a model of strategic training, mentoring, and program development to build a national network of new leaders addressing HIV prevention. Each year 6-8 groups will become partners and a cadre of up to 10 people from each local group will receive customized small-group training. The organizations will receive intensive technical assistance and capacity building, helping them to develop and implement a strategic plan to take on a prevention issue. The cadre of trained local leaders will be linked to national networks to help engage them and their organizations in addressing national preservation policy issues. Through this grant, 120-160 emerging leaders–primarily people living with HIV and young leaders from the heavily impacted communities reflecting the new demographics of AIDS–from 12-16 groups, will help re-energize prevention efforts nationally.
(Final payment of an $85,000 grant)

Partners in Health $50,000
Boston, MA

To replicate their successful community-based HIV self-management support program: Prevention and Access to Care and Treatment Project (PACT) in two communities in the United States and position it for wider domestic replication.
(First payment of an $90,000 grant)

SIECUS $45,000
New York, NY

Funding for “Past, Present, Prevention: Real Messages to Stop HIV Infection,” an effort to develop new HIV-prevention messages to respond to the changing realities of the AIDS epidemic in the United States and to devise an action plan for their implementation and new ways for their delivery.